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LardBucket Site - 93% DoneLardBucket Site - 93% Done

The main website, you know, the one you're looking at now. That one. That's this project


Core - 100% DoneCore - 100% Done

The backend for this stuff. It shows all the pages you're looking at and puts them in templates. It uses some mod_rewrite hacks to get it there, but on the whole, it works rather nicely

Pages - 85% DonePages - 85% Done

The pages on the site that should be dynamically updated, like this one (it's built from a list of projects and their statuses on request)


Blog - 100% DoneBlog - 100% Done

The Blog on this site. See the Blog tab above. It's obviously never done, but the template/css/graphics are done, so I'm saying it's 100% done.

Projects - 70% DoneProjects - 70% Done

This page. I'm just using it as a listing of my projects. I'm still importing projects, so I should be done sometime soon.

Mosaic - 30% DoneMosaic - 30% Done

This is a program intended to make 'PhotoMosaics', but web-based. The idea is that you will eventually be able to create a mosaic online, and then choose what to do with it (Print, have a poster printed, email it, use it as your desktop background, etc.) I'm currently working on this sporadically, but it's not ready, so there is no link.


Pictures - 80% DonePictures - 80% Done

I'm currently using a set of more than 23,000 pictures from, but lots of those pictures contain faces (I would prefer the mosaics be made up of landscapes/objects, etc. I may soon try to add photos from Flikr, to get a larger number of pictures.

Processing - 100% DoneProcessing - 100% Done

The processing portion of the mosaic program was probably the easiest (but it still took upwards of a week), so, barring unforseen changes in what I want to do, I'm done with the image processing programs. (although, it seems like the daemon processes don't start correctly on startup... I'll have to investigate.)

User Interface - 95% DoneUser Interface - 95% Done

The user interface for the website is the hardest to do. Really. I think it's pretty clean, but I certainly need to get lots more done. This is what I'm currently working on (this and functionality)

Functions - 30% DoneFunctions - 30% Done

I currenty have lots of features, but there are some I would like to add: Ability to pick which types of pictures are included (humans, landscapes, objects, etc.), Automatic uploading to a printing service for posters, emailing the result to friends, and outputting a PDF to print.

Spanish Quizzes - 100% DoneSpanish Quizzes - 100% Done

A page for Spanish Quizzes, currently I'm just using questions from the PHSchool website, but the idea was that eventually, the system will have more questions from other sources. I've somewhat given up on that idea, unless someone wants to give me some questions and answers I can use (multiple choice or true/false). The project has been announced to my Spanish class and the teacher had offered to give some additional information (and possibly questions), but so far, that hasn't happened.

Quotes Pages - 95% DoneQuotes Pages - 95% Done

Well, the idea is to have a collection of the funny things that we say. Tommy Tran (he asked for his name here) is always coming up with them, then he was bugging me to do a website about them. So I did. Pretty much done, I have browsing implemented, as well as searching, 10 newest, and adding quotes works.

Grade Lookup - 85% DoneGrade Lookup - 85% Done

A page to look up your grades with. Two options, one for popping up the detailed grade windows, the other for succinctly displaying grades in a small image. Go there and check your grades (if you go to JHHS)! Any feedback, email me.

Cost Of Iraq Buttons - 100% DoneCost Of Iraq Buttons - 100% Done

Little buttons (like those on the left of my site) that show how many dollars the US has used up in Iraq, and others that show the number of civilians dead.

Website Mirrors - 100% DoneWebsite Mirrors - 100% Done

I'm keeping mirrors of pages I think are useful information that people should know about. I currently have mirrors of: The Diebold Memos, the Office of the Law Revision Counsel (the United States Laws), and (these files are in .tgz files, not available for individual browsing).

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