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I’ll just do the short notes version of this post, as I’m somewhat tired.

We woke up an hour late due to foolishly expecting the iPhone to work (I got the “alarm is going off” screen, with no vibration or sound) word 2010 testversion kostenlosen. Just as well in this case, as it was a bit rainy. We had planned to go bicycling the day before, but it was raining, so we bumped it to today. Since it was a bit rainy and we were a bit late, we just scrubbed the whole thing and drove it instead herunterladen.

The view from our hotel and breakfast remnants (watermelon, French toast, cereal, plain donut, “orange juice”/tang): 

On the drive, we took a break along the other river in the city, with some nice views as well. 

After that, we took a bit of a long drive to the old town area of Guilin, where we walked around a bit, shopped for a couple of souvenirs, and took some photos herunterladen. Along the way, our guide ordered us a few rice balls with sesame seeds in them cooked in some sort is broth with ginger. I don’t think anyone in our party really liked them, but I at least tried it aktuelle kinofilmeen.

When done there, we went and got lunch in the middle of Guilin, including the restaurant’s reported specialty, roast goose video converter kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

From there, we went to a government research tea plantation, and saw a tea ceremony (that I didn’t photograph) sky go als apk herunterladen.

Next, we went to a local park where there’s a large rock formation that looks like an elephant drinking from the river hip hop music for free. Apparently the elephant is the animal of Guilin, largely for that reason. 

Finally, we went to a cave that was set up as a local attraction, compete with colored lights and nature sounds herunterladen. The colors were sometimes a bit much, but it did look quite nice.

Having exhausted the time available before we needed to head to the airport, we did that, and got on our flight with a minor delay whatsapp für ipad downloaden. The in-flight food was a roll, a slice of something resembling pound cake, and a packet of roasted salted peanuts. 

Finally, we arrived and went to our hotel. 

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