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Last [Work] Day

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We rounded out our Pi Day by wrapping up work with this client (for Graham and I; Alvaro and Xiao stay on for a bit longer). The day was mostly uneventful, and I made it to my parents’ hotel to head out to Xi’an with them tomorrow morning.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of cereal, some chicken nuggets, and orange juice. This was the first day they had chocolate cereal, which was decent. It was a bit waxy, but had some decent chocolate taste. Similar in both regards to Cocoa Puffs, but in flake form.

Lunch was similar to the fried rice I’ve had in the past (made by the same guy at the same station), but with noodles in place of the rice. It was fine, but more food than I needed at lunch.

After taking a few group photos with our contacts at the client, we went for a brief walk around their building, and split up to a few different places (sleeping, convenience store, smoking, etc.). I tried to find a Geocache that was reportedly near our office and hotel area. Unfortunately, the first place I went was wrong because of the Chinese shifted coordinates, but I was able to find where it should have been. Unfortunately, the hiding spot was a pile of rocks with some concrete holding them together, so there were a lot of hiding spots. I tried as many as I could without being too suspicious in a public park at lunchtime, but didn’t end up finding it. Oh well, hopefully another one surfaces before I leave the country. 

We had dinner at the brewery again, being between it and the pizza buffet from yesterday for our choices. (We wanted to be near the hotel and somewhat Western.) I ordered the same thing I ordered last time, but this time it came as a largish hunk of meat, not a pre-sliced serving, but it was fine nonetheless.

And that’s the end of my client work time in China. Now for some additional touring.

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