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Merry Christmas, Again

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Another year has passed, and with just one [other] published post here. I’m slowly starting to have more discretionary time, and to get some projects closer to completion. Barring any major surprises, I should have at least one or two things to release next year. (The problem, of course, with long-running projects is that there are few of them, and if I should decide for whatever reason to not release them, they tend to disappear entirely.)

In the arbitrary milestones department, GraphSketch passed 1.5 million graphs delivered a while back, and I should really pay attention for the 2 million milestone that’ll be coming up sooner or later. I’ve also obtained a full-time job, which surprisingly seems to take less time than school did at times. It seems to be pretty nice, although, as with many things, I haven’t yet taken the time to step back and thoroughly examine how it’s going. There will probably be more comments on the job in the future, but for the moment, allow me to disclaim everything posted here and say that unless an exception is clearly noted in a post, the posts on this blog represent only my own views (if that), and have never been, and will never be intended to represent the opinions of my employer, school, friends, colleagues, or anyone else.

So, this makes for a particularly lackluster sometimes-annual update, but it’s about everything I have to say. Have a Merry Christmas if that’s your thing, and have a great new year when that rolls around. With any luck, I’ll have something new to post in January.

Until then,
Andy Schmitz

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