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Testing Help?

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I’m working on a program that will let users of TI-84+ or TI-89 Titanium calculators see their calculators on the computer screen, and take screenshots. (If you have a TI calculator that has a USB port and ┬áisn’t an Nspire, you’ve probably got one of these.)

Right now, it runs on the Mac only (although that will hopefully change in a while). It works on my Mac, and at least one other, but I’m looking for one or two more test cases. If you have a TI-84+ or TI-89 Titanium, a USB cable that will plug into it and your computer, and one of the following computer setups, please give me an email at so I can send you a copy and see if it works. The whole process of testing it out should only take a minute or so.

I’m looking for:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) on a PowerPC processor

If you’re not sure what operating system or processor you have, just click on the Apple menu in the upper-right corner of your screen, and click “About This Mac.” Your version of OS X will be displayed (I’m looking for anything that begins with 10.5), and your processor will be shown as well. Please let me know which version and processor you have when you email me, so I know which one you’re testing.


Andy Schmitz

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