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MIPS and spimbot

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So, the CS232 spimbot competition was today. My partner (Connor Simmons) and I made a robot (actually just a piece of code) that came in second out of 37 (or 38?). It was a rather interesting competition. The page on it that I’ve set up (complete with MIT-licensed source code) is right here.

I remain impressed by the only team to beat us (and their come-from-behind win), whose inventive approach used an attack on the time-based seed of the random number generator to find where the tokens could be placed within the 50 minutes the competition was run. The one-second resolution used as a seed for the random number generator gave a small enough number of possible locations for tokens that they were able to accurately predict where all the tokens would be given just one token’s location. This strategy meant they lost a number of matches (I assume to slow calculations, but I may be wrong), including to our robot, but in the end, they were able to win more often (or by more tokens), so congratulations to them.

Andy Schmitz

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