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GraphSketch: 30,000 Graphs, and Parametric

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Yesterday, GraphSketch passed over 30,000 graphs rendered. That’s quite a few. Thanks to everyone for making it so popular.

It also seemed like a good time to release something I’ve been working on smoothing out for the past few weeks:

GraphSketch ParametricYep, you can now graph parametric equations. Just head over to (or click the “Parametric”mode just above the equations on the main GraphSketch page).

To keep things simple, you can only graph three parametric sets of equations at the same time. You can choose the range for t, and it defaults to a reasonable -10 to 10.

Also, while I was updating the website, I made the text a bit smaller (about the difference of going from a 12pt font to a 10pt font) and added a (hopefully unobtrusive) section pointing out the availability of posters, should anyone be interested. Polar graphing should come soon, hopefully, but it is somewhat possible using parametric equations by setting x=r*cos(t) and y=r*sin(t), too.

Andy Schmitz

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