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Hey, new stuff!

(If you’re reading via RSS, you really need to head over here.)

So, it’s a new design. That only took, what, four years? The last month or so of delays was mostly because I couldn’t get the headers to be in the right font (DejaVu Sans) too easily. I ended up using sIFR 3 for it, but despite it being a completely free (in both senses) font, Linux is the only major operating system to include it by default. So, I ended up using sIFR. We’ll see how it works, and I’ll decide whether the fraction-of-a-second increase in page load times is worth it. I think so, but any comments would be appreciated.

The layout itself is a bit complicated, and I spent a week or so working on the CSS to get it to work in various browsers. Interestingly, it does appear to work (mostly) in most browsers (recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Opera, and (eek) Internet Explorer are all fine). The ground along the bottom rises up on short pages in Internet Explorer 6, but not 5.5 or 7. (Though, really, if you’re using Internet Explorer, you should at least upgrade to version 7, or preferably Firefox, or even Safari.)

The images for the layout were created using entirely free software, mostly the GIMP (on Ubuntu). Anything that looks hand-drawn actually is hand-drawn, using a Wacom Bamboo Fun (except the dirt and vine, as those had to be tiled, so those are Bezier curves).

So, if something in the layout seems out of place, or horribly wrong in general, please leave me a comment and let me know so I can investigate. Mention which browser you’re using, and which operating system, if possible. Thanks!

More blog posts will likely be coming, but I had wanted to get this layout finished up before I published much of anything else. (Though, I’ve mentioned more frequent posts in the past, and that has rarely actually materialized, so we’ll see.) In the way of a more standard post for me, you may find the pictures from this year’s Halloween interesting as well. Nothing as fancy as last year’s, but some friends did participate in the Allen Hall Zombie Mob, so there are plenty of zombie pictures there.

Rails Rumble 2008 also came and went since my last post, so I’ll likely have some more to say on that. Although, this year, I just wasn’t quite as interested in it as I had been in the past, and it kinda showed (94th overall of 130). Yahoo! Hack U at UIUC also happened, which was perhaps more interesting (I also happened to win my category, so…). I guess I’ll say something on that as well.

And that’s about it. More later, at a reasonable hour.

Andy Schmitz


  1. see now, one fewer link to follow because i don’t feel like doing rss 😛
    Internet explorer, the dirt is all the way to the right.
    and it’s about time you updated!

    Comment by A Match Keel Kiwi — 11/12/2008 @ 8:10 am

  2. “I don’t feel like doing rss”?? What do you do, randomly check sites for updates? And IE? Oh my.

    Comment by lurker — 11/12/2008 @ 7:35 pm

  3. maybe I do, maybe I do…
    and IE is my default, I have firefox but don’t really use it. when I do I start having it remember all my passwords and then i forget all mine…

    Comment by A Match Keel Kiwi — 11/13/2008 @ 8:04 am

  4. Is this all a reference to that plant picture you have framed in your basement?

    Comment by Tommy — 11/14/2008 @ 10:48 am

  5. Interestingly, no. That was more of a multimedia thing, and I definitely didn’t even remember that during the whole time I was making the new layout. Interesting that they do share some resemblance though.

    Comment by Andy — 11/14/2008 @ 11:05 am

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