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On BrokenRuler, Freshmen, “L2aim Doritos” and 1200

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So, if you haven’t seen it already, the newest incarnation of BrokenRuler is available! It’s already got a whole bunch of people signed up, well over half the school.

There are generally about 2000 kids in Hersey. (The number fluctuates, but it’s around there.) At one point, BrokenRuler had over 200 of every grade level except Freshmen. There were exactly 2 freshmen signed up. Not a typo. I spent some time wondering about it, but it turns out that no freshmen were supposed to have their schedules until the Friday before school began for “Freshman Orientation Day” (or “Kickoff”). Now that that’s passed, nearly 300 freshmen have signed up, more than any grade except the sophomores.

Anyway, there have been relatively few people entering fake names (Thanks much to everyone!), and we’ve got a new, powerful tool for kicking out or renaming malicious people: BRUM. BRUM stands for BrokenRuler User Manager, and it’s a relatively nice system for verifying the validity of every user that signs up, and with the ability to rename or delete suspicious/malicious users. It also lets me save the data to work offline at verifying/renaming users, which is great for trips. (If you couldn’t tell/guess, I wrote the whole thing pretty much from scratch, so I’m rather inclined to think it’s good. It’s probably not as great as I make it sound, but it’s pretty neat.)  Thanks to this tool,there were relatively few people entering fake names, and most of them got corrected in short order. Among the names was one strange one: “L2aim Doritos.” That’s not the sort of thing you accidentally pound out on your keyboard. I still don’t know what that was about. If anyone knows, I’d appreciate a brief explanation. If your account got deleted, feel free to go back and re-create your account with your real name. (You might need to delete the cookies from if you see an error when you go to the page.)

Also, 1200. There are now over 1200 people signed up on BrokenRuler. I think that’s relatively awesome. That’s not only over half, that’s nearly 2/3. (60% if you say 2000 students.) The point of the website is pretty much to have a bunch of users, because then it’s better for everyone (the more schedules that are entered, the more people show up in classes). Thanks to everyone who helped out, by giving suggestions, pointing out mistakes I made, or even by just signing up!


P.S. I’m a senior this year. Next year I will be at some college. (Not sure which one yet.) I will therefore find it harder to maintain BrokenRuler. If you’re not a senior, but you are one of the 1200 people who found it useful, please contact me about helping out next year! It’s not terribly hard to maintain, but it is nice to have some help.

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