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Over a year!

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Since my last blog post? Perhaps.

Uptime display

But my server’s been running for over a year! Now I don’t have to worry about accidentally resetting it. I wanted to make it over the year mark, and it seems as though I have. (And, as an example of how slow I am at updating stuff, that picture is 15 days out-of-date at the moment.)

Oh, and I just got mentioned in the latest No One’s Listening! (Disaster Communication, Part 2, March 28) That’s rather cool. (I’m toward the end, where Zack Rosen is doing the talking.)

So, lots of things are going to happen in the next two weeks. I’ve got a lot of programming to do before the 11th, though, so I’ll be pretty busy. (BattleBots IQ – now BotsIQ is happening in Florida. Oh, that and homework.

So, hopefully more blog posts, more new features, and etc. soon! [mumble mumble lard mumble tube mumble]

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