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Free Skype Voucher [GONE]

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So, I’ve got a free 1-month voicemail voucher from Skype. Expires December 31.

I’m not going to use it, so if anyone wants it, here’s the code (enter it at

KHHU-VX3W-KA [This voucher number is no longer valid! Sorry!]

Andy Schmitz


Go Vote.

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Hey you! It’s November 7! Go vote!

If you experience any irregularities in voting today, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE, the hotline for the National Campaign for Fair Elections. EFF lawyers and many others are standing by across the country to take legal action to remove malfunctioning voting machines, keep polls open, etc.

(text above borrowed from the wondrous BoingBoing blog)If you’re in Chicago, do it as many times as you’re allowed! (Once, you crazy electioneering scum!)

Sadly, I cannot vote in this election. Next one though, for sure. I’m not actually quite sure that it’s a bad thing I can’t vote: none of the candidates seem particularly good to vote for this year.


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