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BadBehavior 2.0.6

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I’ve updated to Bad Behavior 2.0.6 as a WordPress plugin, a whole 1.0.6 versions newer than my last plugin. It has dropped the comment spam I get to exactly nil, but I haven’t gotten any comments during that time either. (That’s okay, I normally don’t. That’s a different issue). So, if you try to post a comment, but it doesn’t show up within a day or so, send me an email so I can check on it.





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Wow. I really hadn’t expected we’d get 1100, but I’m writing this and we have. (Actually, we’ve reached a slightly more interesting number, 1111, but that’s beside the point.)

So, thanks to everyone who signed up! I’m betaing homework support, so that should be up before long.




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So, as an update to the earlier post, we now have 1,000 users. That’s great!

That’s 1.0 x 10^3. That’s 10*10*10. That is well over half of the school. I’m impressed. (Those of you who know me know that’s a lot to get as a reaction.)

I don’t plan to hit another big milestone before school, but we’ll see.


(PS. 1000! does not mean 1000 factorial. That’s a much bigger number.)



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So, we just passed 900 users on BrokenRuler. If you haven’t signed up yet, go there now and sign up!

Thanks to everyone who signed up!



BrokenRuler / Schedule App

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So, just in case you haven’t noticed, BrokenRuler is online. It’s the new schedule application, highly similar to what I had last year, but this is intended to continue throughout the school year. If you have your schedule, go there and sign up!

I’ve made this graph of the number of users signed up. The green marks along the graph show every every other midnight, starting from when I launched the website (almost exactly at midnight). The numbers show how many users were registered at that time. The bigger red number in the corner is the current number of users. The graph updates every hour.

Current User Graph


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