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Blargh. Spam.

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So, it looks like I just became very popular among several blog spam bots. I have therefore installed BadBehavior 2.0 and blocked all comments including a certain domain name (that you won’t use anyway, it’s pretty much only a spam domain). If you have any problems posting comments (you post comments?), let me know.

Update: Still coming in, yeesh. I’ve added a few new keywords to block, so if you try reciting the entire Nicene Creed or something, it may block your message. Sorry!

Update 2: I’ve also turned off trackbacks and pingbacks. Nobody was using them anyway.
Andy Schmitz


Server Bandwidth Upgraded

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So, SBC decided that they would make it cheaper to upgrade our DSL to a faster speed (3.0Mbps/768Kbps from 1.5/384, essentially twice as fast) than to stay with the current plan from them. Odd, but whatever. So, we’ve gone ahead and done that. I guess that means that I’m not getting a static IP address for at least another year (one-year contract), but that’s just the way things go.

Anyway, that has taken effect now, so you might be noticing faster uploads/downloads, especially if you are able to take advantage of the full speed (eg: Dan, no, you won’t notice on dialup).

Andy Schmitz


Ban Books!?

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So, apparently, District 214 board member Leslie Pinney feels like banning several books from the reading lists that are used throughout the district. Scott Leipprandt decided to make a PetitionOnline petition yesterday, and it’s already got over 200 signatures! My page on information is available at, and you can get to the petition from there.

Read it first to make sure you agree, but then sign it (if, of course, you do, but I assume that’s next to a given).

Andy Schmitz


Rails: Premature end of script headers

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Okay, so some things can be really odd when setting up a program. Like Ruby on Rails. It needs so many different things to come together correctly, it’s not easy to set up. But once you get it set up, it’s great.

Anyway, I spent the better part of today fixing this problem. The Apache (2.2) error logs were saying “Premature end of script headers”, which shouldn’t happen. Long story short, if you have this problem, add these lines to your configuration file (httpd.conf or something):

IPCCommTimeout  20
IPCConnectTimeout 20

Hope it helps somebody,


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