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Grass more profitable than pigs and cows.

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“Hendriks used to farm pigs and cows but in the mid-Seventies saw there was more profit in grass.”

Huh. Go figure. And he doesn’t mean “weed/pot/Cannibus sativa” grass, either.

Interesting article, but you have to realize that it’s from The Guardian, which means British, which means football means soccer.


Vice-Presidential Hunting Identification Guide

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So, just in case you ever become vice-president, here are some things you might go hunting for. Get a good look so you can identify them in the field.

Hunting Identification Chart

(Thanks to Needlenose)


A Proposition

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How about the CIA stops doing this (or this or this), or leaves drug education to the CDC et al. and gives the school district the money they save. Should be about $100,000 when all is said and done. Then they heat the schools up to a temperature that’s slightly above the legal minimum for apartment owners in Chicago.

How’s that sound?

Sounds pretty good to me.


Joke Time

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Okay, so I was just browsing the Internet, like normal, and I found this really funny blonde joke. Now, normally, I don’t like stereotype jokes, but this one had me actually laughing. Yeah.

So anyway, click here to read it. I don’t want to steal any credit from the guy that posted it originally.

Good luck,

Andy Schmitz


To all emo kids:

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Move to the UK.


Oh, and some people I know are starting what is, in effect, a student-run “newspaper,” but completely digital, and not associated with the school. Anyone can submit articles to be published anonymously. It’s called the Rage Page Rebirth, and is available at It is not available at school for legal reasons. The “Rage” bit is somewhat of a theme, but not required, and is meant as a continuation of the earlier, ill-fated “Rage Page” rumored to have been around several years ago at school.

(Full Disclosure: I’m helping them out with the website, hosting, and some legal suggestions. I also plan on writing an article or so, but anyone is welcome to do so as well.)

That’s it for now,

Andy Schmitz

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