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More review.

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In addition to yesterday’s post containing review information, I’ve got a brand new, just-finished E-Consumerism final study guide by yours truly.

Click Here to download that (PDF, pops). It’s four pages and less than 100KB.

Good luck on your finals,

Andy Schmitz


US History Study Guide

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I know, I know, I’m not in US History. But Dan Pfeiffer is.

I host his website, and he wanted my help with some work on distributing his study guide for the first semester, so we’ve gotten it up. You’ve got at least one day (worst-case scenario) to study though, so have fun.

The guide is available here (pops).

I’d also like to direct you to my PDF copy of a freshman honors biology study guide also done by Dan, as well as my Word Within the Word chapters 1-10 study tool


Not My Fault. Sorry.

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If my server was being odd today, I’m sorry. Apparently, SBC’s Elmhurst office had some troubles today.

It started out by dropping the connection (which happens now and then), and then it dropped connections (without even closing them!) after 32 kilobytes of data had been uploaded by my end. That meant that any webpage over 32kB wouldn’t work.

Now the upload bits are back in order, but the connection drops pretty often, which means I get a different IP address. When that happens, nobody can access my server until I correct the error. Fortunately, that happens automatically every hour, so there shouldn’t be too many more outages.

They predicted they would have the problem fixed by 10:00 pm, so hopefully things should be back to normal tomorrow.



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