lardbucket: nightly gaim 2.0.0 cvs builds!


Nightly Gaim 2.0.0 CVS Builds!

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Presumably you know about Gaim, the awesome open-source, multi-protocol instant-messenging program. Maybe not. Anyway, check it out. I use it for Yahoo, AIM, and, of course, GTalk.

So, I saw that version 2.0 is supposed to have a bunch of new features. And it’s open source, so I can get CVS builds. And nobody knows how to build it. So, after a few days of frustration with Windows and Cygwin and GNU Make and others, I got Gaim to build on Windows. With a script. Nightly.

So now, anyone who wants bleeding-edge Gaim (though it’s usually fairly stable) can get it from my website at If the download goes slowly, that’s because it’s going through Coral Cache to insulate me from any linking that others might do.

Also, the builds have been spotty the last few days and I’m not sure why. I’m looking into it, but if the builds aren’t there for certain days, that’s probably why.

I only keep builds for a week, then they get deleted. You can always get the newest one by going to cvs-latest.exe if the last day’s build succeeded.


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