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It Works!

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That was relatively fast, but the comments now work! Take a look and tell me what you think. More on the CAPTCHA system later.

Andy Schmitz

Comment Buggyness

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I am in the process of writing a plugin for WordPress so that I don’t get as much comment spam. While I had been using WP-Hashcash, I believe that the one based on my CAPTCHA will work as well or better.

Basically, once someone figures out WP-Hashcash, it’s done for. The new WP-Captcha plugin should last much longer.

That means that I am in the process of writing a new plugin, and as such, comments on the blog may/may not work at any given time. I will try to post again when I’m done.

Andy Schmitz



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I’ve managed to get updated to the latest WordPress version (1.5.2), which means that there will be a lot less comment spam and a lot easier upgrades. Yay!

And I’ll eventually try to update more often, but I’ve got a lot going on right now.

Ah well,
Andy Schmitz


In the Correspondent again!

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This time I don’t have a photo or anything, but they did mention the project I’m working on that’s available here, called PeopleFinder. The project attempts to get data from many different websites and combine it into one searchable database. If you can’t find me in the Correspondent, I’m on the front page, bottom half, left column, toward the bottom.

Unfortunately, they implied that I created the website (from scratch), which I most certainly did not. The site and interface itself were entirely done by others. I “simply” found ways to import a few thousand records from other websites and uploaded information for other people.

More news too, but I can’t much talk about that right now. I’m sure I’ll have something else for the blog later as well.

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