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Leaving for up North

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Well, I’m going up north with some people. The plan is to spend some time (till Friday) and blow stuff up, etc. Just wanted to tell people that I didn’t contact by other means (that doesn’t mean I forgot about you, I just don’t have time to talk to everybody). Hopefully I’ll come back with some cool videos and pictures.

‘Till Friday,


Because You Know You Want To Study

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Update time:

I managed to secure a copy of the Honors Biology review guide that Dan Pfeiffer (and friends) put together last year. I’m hosting a PDF copy (about 3 Megabytes big) of it for Dan right now. I know I’ll read it.

In LA, I put together a Vocab 1-10 quiz thingy on my website (available here). Try it out (mostly freshmen only, I don’t have data for the rest of the sections yet).

Good luck to all for finals,

Downing Street Memo

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If you haven’t read this yet, you really need to. Now. Go. Leave. Read it. Then come back. Downing Street Memo. If you are in any position to to anything about it (blog, call ABC, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, etc., or anything else) please do. If you have a blog, please consider joining the Big Brass Alliance. More later.

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