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Grades Work Again

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Somebody at the server decided to change the location of the grades from /grades/users to /grades/public_html/users, which really screwed up my script.. Until I took a look at the new version… ick. So now it’s all fixed.. hopefully. Not that it’s good for anthing now that school’s almost over.



We’re off to see the FlightOps

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So… Field Trip! Last day of school this year that we’re allowed to go on field trips, and we’re like the only class going on one (Geometry). We’re going to the United Flight Operations Center somewhere nearby. Sounds interesting, might get to see what they are doing, and what sorts of programming different industries need.



Grades no longer hush-hush.

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The grades system I’ve been developing on and off for a week or so is now public! (It had previously been kept semi-secret before I talked it over with the school administration.) I will shortly add it to the list of projects, but for now it is accessible at!


Can You Handle This?

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I recently recieved an email with the subject “CAN YOU HANDLE THIS?”, from David Campbell ( It’s a 419 scam if you haven’t figured that out yet, but I’m thinking of replying. Any ideas? Full text of the email is below (minus an ad-line added by latinmail):



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I’ve restored the news to its position on the left-hand side of the page. As usual, just click on a headline to read the associated story. If there’s something unappropriate there, or the most important story is there, don’t blame me. Thank Google News for their top stories section, from which I pull the story headlines (every 15 minutes).

On another note, I’m getting around to adding browse functionality to the quotes page (it’s not there quite yet, but it should be up soon). There you go, Tommy. If anybody has any good quotes, email me, and I’ll see if I can get you an account.

Edit: I’m done with the quotes browse functionality! I may shortly change the method of counting on the quotes page (use the quote’s ID number instead of the number you get by counting up), but I haven’t decided, so I’m probably done for tonight. Have fun! (and remember, don’t blame me for semi-obscene quotes that I didn’t write, although there shouldn’t be much obscene in there, just a few instances of sex and death, but nothing that couldn’t go on prime-time TV now…)


Mmh… AP

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Took the AP Human Geography test today. The multiple choice test wasn’t too hard, but the other half of the test was pretty tough. Most of the people I talked to didn’t have any idea what the first question was even talking about (I managed to figure it out), and the second and third questions were rather dificult (though I think I did okay on them). We’ll see.

Grades come out sometime in July, I’ll probably get them in the second or third week of July.


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