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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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I saw the movie yesterday, and it was somewhat neat. Impressive, and like Douglas Adams, but not wholly satisfying. I kinda hope there’s more, but it makes you wonder how people that didn’t read the books would percieve it.

Anyway, there used to be a computer game called the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, made by Infocom, which was later bought by Activision. The game is no longer buyable, but has a playable version online (click here, and enter the serial number 851108 toward the bottom of the page). I have also made available a version that can be downloaded and run offline. It’s slightly larger than two megabytes and is available for download as a zip file here. Read the readme.txt file for information on how to run the game. The zip has programs for Windows and Mac OS X (*nix users need to find a program that can play infocom .z3 files, an easy task).



Awake again.

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Sorry I didn’t update earlier, but I didn’t really get a chance to. Long story short: Spinaltap got knocked out on Saturday, so we got to do “Robot Rumbles” and “Grudge Matches” (competing against other robots that were out). In each extra match Spinaltap was in, we won. Kinda cool when you think about it, the robot came in 12th out of 58 teams. Mr. Plow came in 31st(?), and Fargo didn’t even place (the wiring was bad once, and the robot got torn up by another robot in another match, so we didn’t get very far). But it was still a good showing, as we were the second-largest school there (there was one school, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, that had EIGHT teams). I’ll be getting the pictures off of the digital camera soon and onto the gallery. I’ll probably post when that happens.

See (most of) you on Monday,


Still In It

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One of our robots is still in the competition (Spinaltap). We go second tomorrow. Sorry I didn’t update yesterday, but I was asleep. The tournament information ( has been updated, but now it’s just the match schedule (and who won) for each day, direct from BattleBots, because the scoring system is too complicated. I will update as soon as I can tomorrow, but it may actually be Sunday, because I may not get on the internet until I get home. Fargo got beat up pretty badly, and the chipper drum inside it actually fell out. Mr. Plow got a large gash in it’s side but managed to beat around the opposing robot in the match, so the match was decided by the judges. Unfortunately, they ruled against us (although, if they were aware that our robot had fried about six motors in the other and made several irreplacable, they probably wouldn’t have done that).

Oh well, we’re still in the competition, up early tomorrow against Titan 3 (no, I don’t know what it does).

Updates later,


Make sure you are bankrupt

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Just a quick note, when you go to the tournament page, it would be a great idea to clear your cache in your browser. In theory, this shouldn’t be a problem, but Internet Explorer 5 Mac doesn’t do it automatically, so make sure you clear it. If you are unsure how to clear your cache, ask a kid or your favorite system administrator (and if it’s me, avoid that, I’m not going to be able to check email much).


Late. Sorry.

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Well, the competition started (well, not started, but we actually were allowed to go into the arena) five hours and twenty-two minutes late. Yeah. And the first match was like twenty minutes after that. Meh. Not much you can do. Apparently, we had like four of our team members helping set up the arena, and BattleBots started setting up on Saturday (?). Therefore, we did not get any of our matches in. We are the second match tomorrow, as well as the seventh and eleventh (?). The tournament stuff is updated with this information (Here). I will try to update when I get more schedule info or etc.

A series of mistakes (mostly on my part) mean that I will not be able to get pictures up during the tournament (there is no compatible laptop, and I have no USB cable anyway…). However, I should have the information here and the tournament ladders.

Updates tomorrow (or is it much later today… got to get sleep soon)


Finally arrived!

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Well, we finally got to Florida. The flight was mostly boring. Got to talk with some other team members. We got lost on the way to the hotel, missed two exits. Hopefully, I can get the tournament pairings up soon. You can go to for the tournament brackets once I get them up (if there are only eight teams, I haven’t updated the tournament brackets). That will probably be tomorrow. I wake up at 7:00, in theory.

Updates tomorrow,

Leaving in… ~5 Hours, 20 Minutes

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Yay! We leave today, and won’t be back till Saturday. I think I remembered everything, except an ethernet cable, which my mom should be bringing, so I’m ready. I will get back on the internet when I can after we get to Florida.


Leaving Tomorrow

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Yeah, so the BattleBots check-in is tomorrow, but I won’t be there for that, because I’m leaving after school tomorrow. Meh. I think I’ve got enough contingency to get something up. Two points of contact, two (?) cameras, two dial-up accounts on different ISPs, free WiFi in the hotel, and possibly a connection at the arena. So I should be able to get blogging and the tournament brackets, and some pictures with any luck. If I can (if bandwidth allows), I might even put up videos of our rounds. We’ll see. Will post as soon as humanly possible when I get off the plane, though I may have to wait till I get to the hotel, just before I go to sleep. Watch this space.

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