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Open call for a hand

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Hi. I’m setting up a new website (or might be, we’ll see how far I get), and I would like pictures of hands. Just flat backs of hands. If you could take a minute or so and take a picture, I would really appreciate it. Read on for what I need.


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Somebody tried to attack my server yesterday, but they (seem to have) failed. They took advantage of an interesting bug in somebody else’s website that I am hosting, and thrashed around trying to get administrator privilages. (They didn’t get them) Anyway, if something seems above the normal level of wierdness, please tell me. (If my server starts swearing at you, if pages are replaced with wierd messages, etc.)



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On a lighter note… I have the quotes site (back) up. This means that quotes can be viewed, and Tommy and I can add them. Yeah, the quotes front page only shows the ten newest, and you can search for quotes if you want, but the browsing feature is yet to be implemented. (more…)

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