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And therefore I cannot rest, I cannot be silent; therefore I cast aside comfort and happiness, health and good repute–and go out into the world and cry out the pain of my spirit! Therefore I am not to be silenced by poverty and sickness, not by hatred and obloquy, by threats and ridicule–not by prison and persecution, if they should come–not by any power that is upon the earth or above the earth, that was, or is, or ever can be created. If I fail tonight, I can only try tomorrow; knowing that the fault must be mine–that if once the vision of my soul were spoken upon earth, if once the anguish of its defeat were uttered in human speech, it would break the stoutest barriers of prejudice, it would shake the most sluggish soul to action! It would abash the most cynical, it would terrify the most selfish; and the voice of mockery would be silenced, and fraud and falsehood would slink back into their dens, and the truth would stand forth alone!

-Upton Sinclair (The Jungle)



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Well, I have finally gotten around to launching the website. Cool. It’s Christmas! Yay! I got a computer a bit early for Christmas (we’re leaving tomorrow), so that was really cool.

I wrote this a bit early, so I don’t know what else I got, but that should be coming up soon. Read on to see what the site has, and should have soon. (more…)

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